Owner of Millions of Muscles Talks Fitness, Doing Business in Melrose

Jodi Reath, owner of Melrose-based Millions of Muscles, spoke with Melrose Patch recently to discuss running a fitness business in the city.

Jodi Reath, owner of Melrose-based Millions of Muscles, 645 Main St., spoke with Melrose Patch recently to discuss running a fitness business in the city.

Melrose Patch (MP): Where do you currently live?

Jodi Reath (JR): I live in Revere with my family. 

MP: What is your business background?

JR: As an ACE certified fitness Instructor and creator of Millions of Muscles, I have focused the last seven years to living a healthy lifestyle and teaching that to others. Along with being a personal trainer and group instructor, I worked as a Fitness Director of a growing downtown Boston gym where I managed the personal training department.

MP: Why did you choose to work in fitness?

JR: I actually came back to Revere from California because my father had a heart attack and passed away at an early age. That was a big reason I started getting into fitness and the fitness business. The best thing for your kids is to love your health so that you will be with them. It hit home with my father dying so young. His death was entirely preventable.

MP: Who helped you get your start in the fitness business?

JR: I knew of a couple trainers in Boston and worked with one at a gym when I first started. I learned the good and the bad things of the industry. The good was helping people but the other side of selling boring packages I couldn’t take. I knew very quickly that I wanted to start group training. So Millions of Muscles really began in Boston, with a few clients in a racquetball court, and that was when I put the plan in place for the Beach Bootcamps.

MP: How long have you worked for Millions of Muscles?

JR: Millions of Muscles officially started in May 2011 with our Revere Beach Bootcamps and I was the only instructor. I thought it was just going to be seasonal but by the fall my clients were asking, what are we doing for the winter? That is when I knew I had something special. Within five months, I had a second trainer, then hired a Zumba instructor and now we have six trainers and growing. 

MP: What has it been like working for Millions of Muscles?

JR: Starting this business in 2011 has been amazing. It has been fun, challenging, hard, but overall very rewarding.  We get to help educate others on ways to get fit & healthy. My team and I have worked with 100s of individuals and we have built a community of people that care and help each other stay motivated, accountable and on track. Together we have also done some wonderful community events, like our Thanksgiving Basket Brigade to help less fortunate families and our Red Hot Awareness Event to benefit the American Heart Association. We always tell our clients, that living a "healthy lifestyle" is not just about eating and working out but it's also about giving back and caring about other people. 

MP: What communities were you considering opening Millions of Muscles?

JR: We have been in the process of searching for our own space for a couple years now. We were looking in Revere and towns that were close, we did not want to inconvenience our current clients too much! Then we came across a listing in Melrose, and thought, this would be perfect. It was at the United Methodist Church on Main Street. Honestly, the wait was worth it, everyone at the church has been so welcoming and helpful, we couldn’t be happier. We have two huge rooms for workout space and a childcare room, totaling over 4,000 square feet.

MP: Why did you decide you wanted to open a Millions of Muscles in Melrose?

JR: Melrose was one of the communities I always enjoyed coming to with the family, whether for dinner, the farmers market or little shopping on Main Street. When we saw the space we knew it was for us and that Melrose would be a great community for fitness. 

MP: How long did it take, from conceptualization to reality, to open the Millions of Muscles location in Melrose?

JR: It took about 3 months. Once the lease was final, the work really began with the cleaning, painting and getting the flooring situated. We were lucky, we had so much help from friends, family and team members that made it possible for us to be ready for Oct. 7! 

MP: What has it been like working in Melrose so far?

JR: The community is fantastic, from the mayor, to Joan from the Chamber and the other local businesses, everyone is very friendly and supportive. 

MP: Are you a member of the Melrose Chamber of Commerce? If so, what has it been like working with fellow business owners? 

JR: Yes we are members, that was one of the first items we crossed off our list.  The other business owners have been very supportive. We just finished with our 6 week challenge and we worked with other local businesses and they were so generous with offering prizes for the participants. It made the challenge much more competitive and fun.

MP: How long has your business been open in Melrose? 

JR: Since October 2013.

MP: What are a couple of your most popular programs?

JR: Our Body Transformation program, which is Bootcamp workouts for all fitness levels and also offers kickboxing. This program is not just about the workouts, MoM guides clients nutritionally with meal plans, one on one coaching and measurements to track progress. A great part of this program is the support the clients give each other. The group atmosphere allows for clients to become friends and motivate one another, it is not all about the trainers giving them advice. Sometimes you want to hear from a peer who may be going through or has gone through a similar struggle. 

Our Small Group Training is just starting to take off and we have a great 8 week program that is more personalized for the individual. This is for groups of 3-6 people, you select the time that is convenient for you. In this program, you will work very closely with your specialist to ensure you are on track and your goals are met! 

MP: How many square feet is your current business? 

JR: 4,000. 

MP: Do you know approximately how many clients you currently have? Also, how many would you like to have by the end of 2014?

JR: Millions of Muscles has over 80 clients currently and growing every month. We are looking for steady growth and to help a lot more people reach their goals in 2014. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or accomplish a fitness challenge you will find Millions of Muscles to be challenging, supportive and welcoming environment. We ask that you make a commitment so you get the ultimate results! 

MP: What are some of the challenges have you faces as a business owner?

JR: As a group fitness owner, our business has faced many challenges. Finding our very own space, standing out amidst similar businesses and keeping our clients interested and excited about coming to Millions of Muscles Fitness. 

MP: Do you hope to have multiple locations in Melrose should you find success at your location? 

JR: Come the spring and summer time we will also be on Revere Beach for our fourth summer! I can’t believe I am saying four years, it really does fly by. So we will be in Melrose and Revere in 2014.

MP: What are your goals for 2014? 

JR: To continue to grow at a steady rate and make it so all of our clients are reaching their true potential. 

MP: What are your long-term goals for the business?

JR: We want to be the #1 Weight loss Solution for the North Shore area. When people think of losing weight, they think, I need to get back to Millions of Muscles Fitness. 

For more information, call Jodi Reath at 339-226-1283 or email jodi@millionsofmuscles.com.


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