How Much Snow Will Melrose Get on Saturday?

A second storm is headed to the area and could make driving hazardous on Saturday.

The second storm of the week is headed toward New England and will dump more snow onto the area on Saturday.

7News meteorologists are predicting Melrose to get between 1 to 2 inches of snow in the storm that is expected to start on Saturday afternoon and spread into the early hours of Sunday.

The good news is that snow removal shouldn’t be a backbreaking endeavour.

CBSBoston’s Todd Gutner said the snow will be “dry and fluffy for most,” though he warned that driving could be hazardous at times on Saturday.

The National Weather Service forecast says that snow will begin to fall in Melrose mainly after noon, and continue throughout the night. The high temperature during the day will be near 33 degrees and the low at night will be around 24.

Ralph!!! December 29, 2012 at 05:14 PM
I truly hope no body believes we will be receiving 1 to 2 inches here in Melrose! Weather has been a hobby of mine for 20 plus years....The residents of Melrose should be preparing for at least 4 inches and don't be surprised to receive more then 6 inches. I just rechecked the article allot has changed since it was posted yesterday....As I believe our final snow totals will be in a range of 6" to 10". Enjoy the storm be safe as its been a while since we received several inches of the white stuff!!! :-)


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