Melrose Residents React to Feeling Tremors From Maine Earthquake

Melrosians react to feeling tremors stemming from a 4.0 magnitude earthquake in Maine Tuesday night.

The consensus from Melrose Patch readers Tuesday night was simple: they felt the tremors from a 4.0 magnitude earthquake in Maine.

"Yes....felt it in Melrose....shook the walls," wrote reader Connie Tomarchio Sarcione. Fellow reader Judith L. Mullen concurred, saying it hit her place in Melrose also.

Meanwhile, Melrosian Susanne Guirakhoo said: "I felt nothing downstairs in the kitchen (slightly distracted by a dozen different chores, though), but my son felt his bed shake upstairs. And my neighbours definitely felt it! (Chestnut Street/Chestnut Park)."

Reader Phyllis Burke commented on feeling the quake hit in Melrose, saying: "Felt it near Shaws!"

Melrose Patch reader Katherine Kennedy recalled her, and her pet's, experience with the earthquake, saying: "Melrose 'rocked.' My dog was sound asleep and suddenly jumped up and started to bark. A couple of minutes later the house shook, and I heard a rumble outside."

Melrosians Take to Facebook, Twitter

Readers were taking to Melrose Patch's social media accounts to recount what happened Tuesday night during the earthquake.

"In Melrose, yes, but didn't know it was an earthquake, though!" wrote Donna Melchionno Perham on the Melrose Patch Facebook page about feeling the tremors.

Reader Jeff Berlin added: "Felt it in Melrose. I was in the attic, so the effect may have been amplified, but everything shook."

Gwyneth Thomas thought something terrible was happening at her Melrose home, which is currently undergoing renovations, when the tremors began, according to her Facebook post. "...Funny thing is, our house is undergoing a renovation. We thought the roof was collapsing, never thinking it was an earthquake!" she wrote.

On Melrose Patch's Twitter account, three readers almost simultaneously tweeted to ask if it was an earthquake they had just experienced.


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