It’s Party Season And Cats In Tuxedos Are Set to Join In The Fun

Looking for a new pet? Consider adopting one of these from PAWS.

        It’s Party Season and Cats in Tuxedos are Set to Join in the Fun 

Did you say party?  My name is Tuxedo Tom and I am ready to go.  Dressed up in my beautiful shiny, black coat, lovely, white ascot and stunning, amber eyes, I always look my best.  Yet, I am really not a formal guy.  Instead of going out, I would rather sit on your feet when you are at the computer or by your side when you are watching TV.  On the other hand, I’m also not a couch potato. I love to play, especially with toys that I can hunt and stalk.   So, if we do go to the dance, you should know that I would want to lead.  My foster mom says that makes me lots of fun to live with and she always tells me I am amazing. 

While I am clearly the most elegant, I do have to confess that PAWS has several black and white felines who are all suited up and ready for the holidays.  So, I will tell you a bit about my fellow partiers.

At only eleven-months-old, Mr. Buddwing is already wearing an adult-sized tuxedo!  He is a big guy who loves to flash his bushy tail as he struts his stuff or hops into the cat tree to explore its tubes and levels.  But he is not at all stuffy or formal.   You will find Buddy to be very affectionate.  He loves attention and he will happily loosen his bowtie and sit in your lap or snuggle in your arms while he purrs contentedly. 

If you come to meet Mr. Buddwing, you will also meet his brother, Zelig.  Like his namesake from the old Woody Allen movie, Zelig can fit in anywhere with his all black coat and tiny white star on his chest.  It is as if he has opened his coat to let his fancy shirt show.  And, here’s a tip: if you brush this friendly boy, Zelig will be yours forever.  Or at least until you throw him one of those furry mice that he goes nuts over.  But, I can assure you, he is hoping that you will go nuts over him...and maybe Mr. Buddwing, too.  These brothers can be adopted together or separately.    

Girls wear tuxedos, too, and PAWS is not without some formally dressed female kitties.  Misty and Sweetie are two-year-old sisters who are looking for a new home where they can stay together.  Their graceful moves will keep you fascinated for hours as they spin around the dance floor. While Misty will stand on two legs to go after a dangling toy, Sweetie likes to stalk from below, sliding past her sister on the floor in a pas-de-deux that might impress the judges of Dancing with the Stars

Misty is very sweet and will sit next to you or on your lap and let you scratch her ears for as long as you’d like. She is also very playful, loving to dance after anything that dangles or flickers like a laser light.  Since Misty is a social butterfly, Sweetie often allows her make the introductions.   Once she gets going, however, Sweetie is also a party girl and loves the track ball and any toy that flies around over her head.     

Wow, I should not have made those other four felines sound so good.  Don’t forget me, Tuxedo Tom, your narrator.  Remember, I am the most elegant of them all!  At any rate, you certainly have your choice of young, healthy tuxedo cats to bring into your home just in time for party season.  If you come visit us now, we could be at home with you by Thanksgiving.  Imagine how great we will look curled in a chair by your fireplace or sitting quietly on your windowsill!  We can greet your guests and help with hors d’oeuvres, too (we like salmon cakes). So if you like to get all dressed up and stay in for a fun night, call PAWS now, and ask to meet the party cats.  We are the elegant ones in the tuxedos, all dressed up and ready to stay home with you.

If you are interested in learning more about Tuxedo Tom, Mr. Buddwing, Zelig, Misty or Sweetie, contact PAWS at (781) 246-6111 or PAWSwakefield@yahoo.com.  Misty and Sweetie are at the Danvers PetSmart and the other cats can be seen by appointment. You can also meet many of our available cats at our weekly adoption hours: Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital.  Our adoption center at the Danvers PetSmart will also be holding its usual adoptions hours this week on Thursday and Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m.

Santa Claws will be at the Danvers PetSmart (104 Andover Street) on December1, 2, 8, 9, 15, and 16, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Bring your furry family members in for a picture with Santa.  Pet Parents receive one 4x6 photograph in a holiday collector frame for $9.95 (with PetPerks card).  For every photo package, PetSmart will donate $5 to PAWS.  So it is a great time to get a nice holiday picture and help PAWS animals.

Join PAWS on Saturday December 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for our Annual SUBARU Share the Love event at SUBARU of Wakefield.  Meet our adoptable cats and dogs, buy tickets for wonderful raffle baskets and shop for people and pet gifts.  Local pet-related vendors and providers will also be there.  And take our Community Fill’er up Challenge: Fill the showroom Subaru with cat and dog food, litter, toys, and bedding for our animals.  Stop by Subaru of Wakefield with your donations any time after Dec. 1.


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