Letter: Celebrate Easter By Going to Church

David Lucas writes that Christians should remember the traditions of the Easter season.

To the Editor:

Imagine if during Passover, one of the most celebrated Jewish holidays, most Jews in the United States decided to give up participating in a traditional seder, because it’s just "too boring."  Imagine if, little by little, they stopped retelling the incredible story of Passover (found in Exodus) to each other. Now imagine that they replaced this ancient tradition with stories about a magic bunny rabbit that drops chocolate eggs around the house.

Imagine if, during Ramadan, Muslims stopped fasting, praying to God and focusing on morality, charity and sacrifice. Imagine that, after years of waning traditions, they instead celebrated Ramadan by just buying each other the most beautiful and expensive presents money can buy.

Imagine if Buddhists, on Sangha Day (Google it!), stopped praying and started drinking as much green beer as their stomachs could possibly hold.

Ridiculous, right? Maybe even blasphemous. And yet, when it comes to Christianity, the sacred traditions of our holiest days seem to have been tossed by the wayside. Over the years, their meanings have been reduced to that of a cheap infomercial. How did we ever let that happen?

If your family happens to celebrate Easter, or if you consider yourself a Christian, or both, let me make what some might consider a very bold suggestion. Do yourself a great favor this Sunday: try going to church. It probably will not take much more than an hour, and I cannot think of a single church building where you would not be welcomed. It’s a free, easy and painless way to remember, or to teach your kids, what Easter is actually about.

I can also assure you of another great reward—the chocolate eggs will still be there when you get home!

David R. Lucas
Slayton Road

Daniel DeMaina April 04, 2012 at 12:41 AM
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