Poll Results: Melrose Doesn't Support Support Making Upper Ravine Road One Way

That's what we learned from last week's poll.

Last Wednesday, Melrose Patch

Between then and Tuesday at noon, 155 people had voted in the poll. 

The results? 

  • 128 people (82 percent) said, "No: All this will do is make the already horrendous traffic situation at West Wyoming Avenue and Pond Street that much worse." 
  • 22 people (14 percent) said, "Yes: There are serious traffic issues in the area and they need to find a way to address that without exacerbating traffic on other nearby residential roads." 
  • And five people (3 percent) said they had a different opinon. 

 suggested that the DCR construct a rotary at that intersection instead of making Ravine Road a one-way street. 

"There seems to be enough space, and rotaries are the best way to direct traffic in a civilized manner," she wrote in the comments section. "This intersection can be like feeding time in a lions' cage sometimes. I do think Ravine Road is needed to help alleviate traffic at W. Wyoming and Pond, especially during rush hour." 

What do you think of the results of the poll? If you didn't have a chance to weigh in with your opinion this past week, put it in the comments section below. 

Janine Venuti May 27, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Strange how no one in Melrose ever complains about all the traffic on the fells way cutting through Melrose from Rte 1 to get to Stoneham, Malden, and Medford. Why because it’s accept that this is a major road that has always served the purpose of funneling traffic to other communities. For anyone who is not aware this road goes right by the Melrose Middle and High Schools and no one ask for it to be made into a one way. They did recently narrow the intersection in front of the High School to create a less ambiguous intersection. Some in Stoneham complain that the surrounding communities are hindering development in Stoneham, resulting in financial ruin. No one is out to stop development but we have all learned in the last few decades that there is development and then there is SMART development. It will hurt Stoneham if the wrong development occurs more than its neighbors. The Home Depot didn’t get built but now there is a new storage facility right off of rte 1 which does not increase traffic during rush hour. Also, unlike a Home Depot it does not adversely affect Marjam building supply next door. Continued: Janine
Janine Venuti May 27, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Though at the time I know that most in Melrose did not want the Oak Grove Village they have now realized that smart growth is a good idea. That placing highly condensed living and shopping adjacent to public transportation does get people out of their cars. This type of development is being done at the direction of the state all along the orange line. In Malden and Medford, and next Assembly Square. Stoneham decided decades ago that they did not want the train service extended into the city, perhaps this is something that should be rethought. Also more focus needs to be directed to filling the ½ empty Red Stone shopping mall which smartly sits right off of rte 128 but has been vacant for years. Wakefield and Reading only a few miles up the road are both thriving in this area. As the access to this shopping area is not through anyone’s neighborhood why is it allowed to go underutilized year after year, WHY? Again we need to think about the long term effects of any development especially one that does not have the benefit of nearby public transportation. The Stoneham school systems are well rated and desirable by many. If the development provides a reasonable entry into Stoneham any taxes benefits will quickly evaporate in the cost to educate additional children. Continued: Janine
Janine Venuti May 27, 2012 at 03:52 AM
How to compromise so that everyone gets what they need though like any compromise not everything they want. They nearest adult (55+) community I know of on the North Shore is Brooksby Village in Danvers. Placing a 55+ community there would produce less traffic and ensure that the taxes dollars generated are not eliminated but increase demands on the school system. It would also enhance the whole community as this group would be more apt to support passive us of open space which is what the conservation land was originally created to promote not traffic. Continued: Janine
Janine Venuti May 27, 2012 at 03:53 AM
The next step is not to stop traffic but to make it flow wisely. I’m sorry for the few residents on the Stoneham half of Ravine road but this street has been a cut through for generations. As have the Lynn Fells parkway and Fells way East and West. What would help address any speeding concerns on the nearby streets of both Melrose and Stoneham are speed humps, no not your traditional speed bumps. These are wider so that a car traveling at a safe 15 miles an hour can smoothly drive over it, only cars going faster will get that speed bump feel. Second is to address the Ravine intersection. Simply put it’s too wide and always has been. Either install a modern roundabout (this is not a rotary) that would slow all traffic entering this area or simply narrow the intersection making the crossing area easier and install a four or three way stop sign intersection. These will help EVERYONE by keeping traffic moving in a safe manner and allowing smart effective development. Also, place a left turn signal or delayed turn signal at the lights by JJ Grimsby. Last but not least someone install a curb cut out in front of the Stone Zoo so that parents with strollers don’t have to hike them over curbs when crossing from the auxiliary parking area. Speed Humps: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_hump Modern round abouts: https://www.dot.ny.gov/main/roundabouts Curb cut outs: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-curb-cut.htm Janine
Janine Venuti May 27, 2012 at 04:11 AM
Who can be contacted at the DCR to reverse the change, I hated to think about this going on for the entire six months.


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