Photo Gallery: Lynnfield's Wall Of Bones

One of Lynnfield's most unique landmarks is a short walk from Ledge Road.

A couple of weeks ago, I paid my first visit to Bow Ridge Reservation in Lynnfield and got a large number of outdoor photos.

I was looking for this famous mural in Bow Ridge Reservation, which appeared in the "Weird Massachusetts" book from 2008. Thanks to Google Books, you can just read about it right here.

While trying to research this place, I also came across some other great photos of the wall of bones that were run on the Lynn-side edition blog last year during the winter.

I would love to follow up this photo gallery by interviewing the artist who created these images. If  anyone knows who created it or where I can find the artist, please email me at william.laforme@patch.com.

One reason I walked out of Bow Ridge that day with four photo galleries worth of pictures was that I spent a good couple of hours lost while trying to find this thing. It was no concern - I've been into outdoor photography and hiking for years and know my way around a forest - and in this particular forest, you can usually faintly hear the traffic from Route 1 not far away.

After that, now I know that to get to the mural you just have to turn right at the abandoned barber chair. (Seriously)

Speaking of getting lost in the woods, I even once got myself dangerously lost in Grand Canyon National Park working there for the summer as a 21-year old college student in 1993. I thought I was taking a quick shortcut through the woods to get to my first day of work at the Yavapai Lodge restaurant. Instead, after about 90 minutes of walking through uninterrupted (and rather forgettable) forest, including an encounter with a large family of intrigued but wary deer in the middle of nowhere, I came out on the main road leading to the national park and probably walked a good 3-5 miles to get back inside the national park and get to work. So there's that story.

The rest of the photos from Bow Ridge came out quite nicely and will be displayed on Lynnfield Patch in the coming weeks. I may also return to Bow Ridge at some point this summer with an eye on trying to get some pictures of the Boston skyline and also this small but scenic pond apparently somewhere on the reservation that I'm pretty sure I missed.

Gerry MacDonald June 27, 2011 at 12:24 PM
Your Wall of Bones reminded me of Vietnam killing fields. Good job.
Travis Hart June 30, 2011 at 06:48 PM
For all intents and purposes, the locals have actually been calling this mural "Skull Rock" for years and years. Regardless of what name others have called it, it's always been Skull Rock.
William Laforme June 30, 2011 at 07:11 PM
Thanks Travis, I heard that term and got the "Wall of Bones" thing from the article in the "Weird Massachusetts" book. - BL
Travis Hart July 05, 2011 at 07:40 PM
No problem. As far as the artist, he's a big figure in the "street artist" scene in Boston. Goes by Ichabod. Don't know his real name. As it turns out, he made the mural but it was severely defaced by a rival group of artists, so he came back out and fixed it all again. Not sure how to get ahold of him, though I'm sure he'd be delighted to speak with patch.


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