POLL: Are Mock Car Crashes Effective in Teaching Teens About Drinking and Driving?

Vote in our poll and see what other Melrose residents have to say.

Melrose High School has run mock car crash events in the past before prom, depicting the graphic aftermath and deadly consequences of drinking and driving. (See the attached YouTube video.) But are these teaching moments effective? 

The executive director of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) said in a recently published report by Sun Sentinel that alone, the events have a minimal impact and that teens quickly return to seeing themselves as invincible. 

But when paired with other regular events and programs, the message is more likely to last, experts interviewed said. 

Give your opinion on this question by voting in our poll and expanding on your choice in the comments section below. 

Look for a roundup of the results of the poll next Tuesday. 

Jamie Michele Gertrude-Belle April 26, 2012 at 05:08 PM
I never had to do the mock car crash but when I was in HS we had an assembly and a woman came to our school and talked about how she lost her 3 y.o daughter to a drunk driver. It was the most heart wrenching story EVER and all these years later, I still remember her tale (obviously) and think about it. One of the biggest problems with people who get behind the wheel is they find anonymity and invincibility in the cage of their car and they don't think these things will ever happen to them.. and most of all, they don't think about the other people on the roads as people. Which is why people drive the way they do as a sober person. And the disregard is even worse when their judgement is impaired by substances or distraction. If a mock car crash makes just one person stop and rethink their choice to get behind the wheel after a drink or a hit, or to pick up their phone while driving to check a text, then I'd say they are effective.


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