The Commons at Weiss Farm 2014 agenda

Hi everyone,

hope all had a great New Years.

The Sarno's did by just staying in our community and patronizing local businesses

We went to the 7pm show at the Stoneham Theater and saw the"real" Jay Geils band play . They provided a wonderful evening of jazz and blues. At intermission we had champagne compliments of Rapids and hats and noise makers.

At 9pm we walked out of the theater and went next door to Felicia's for their fine cuisine and were entertained throughout our meal by great singers that sounded like Patsy Kline, Dean Martin and Neil Diamond. We rang the 12 O'Clock hour in with champagne and many other Stoneham and neighboring towns residents. Then proceeded safely home in a few minutes. This is our third year of spending the holiday in town with great entertainment and delicious food. We are fortunate to have great dining experiences in our community at several restaurants as well as the Stoneham Theater

and should help all our local businesses whenever we can. 

Now back to work in our stopping a project "TOO BIG" for our town.

We need constant media attention and pressure on the powers to bear in no nonsense, clear, curteous,and constructive articles and you can send them to Stoneham Newspapers-Wicked and the Sun by emailing to http://www.wickedlocal.com/stoneham/submit-news

You can also send to StonehamPatch http://stoneham.patch.com/ and

Melrose patch http://melrose.patch.com/

Don't be intimidated by Sherlock's comments on Melrose Patch and do not respond to him as his comments are indicative of a gentleman who does not like the Mayor and beneath your beneficial response.

Take care all and see you once shoveled out 

Smiling opens windows of sunshine to all who see it and embrace it

Open the windows of your mind and enjoy the moment




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