UPDATE: All Clear After Bomb Threat Made at Melrose High

Students were relocated to Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School.

File photo.
File photo.
Parents were informed that the school was sucessfully swept by police, who found no explosives. Here's the message in full:

"Melrose Police Chief, Fire Chief, NEMLC & Stars have done a complete sweep of Melrose High School and surrounding areas.  They have deemed Melrose High School safe for occupancy.  All students have returned to their afternoon classes. 

"Thank you for your cooperation. "

Orignal post:
Police are sweeping Melrose High School for a bomb, according to NECN. The students were moved to Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School as a precaution while police continue to investigate.

The threat was made in a note found inside a boy's bathroom at the school, according to NECN.

Melrose Public Schools sent the following message to parents:

"On Wednesday, December 4th, Melrose High School received notice of a written threat in the third floor boy’s bathroom.

"The Melrose Police Chief and Fire Chief have established an incident command center and determined that the students will be relocated.  It has been determined by the two chiefs that there is no threat to the MVMMS.   NEMLEC and STARS teams have been called to sweep the high school and general surrounding areas.  Students will be brought back to the building as soon as it has been cleared and we anticipate a normal dismissal at 2:11."


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