Letter: Call For Civility Should Apply To City Officials Too

Patricia Wright takes exception in a letter to the editor to city officials' behavior at Monday's aldermen's committee meeting.

Editor's note: The author of this letter made a copy available to Melrose Patch. At the start of Alderman at-Large Don Conn, the committee chairman, hearkened back to and cautioned against uncivil behavior such as pounding on the public participation table, yelling, screaming or name-calling. "It will not be allowed and we will recess the committee."

Alderman Conn,

Your insulting preemptive caution to the general public demanding "decorous behavior" and no "fist pounding on the table" seemed to have escaped Mr. Dello Russo’s notice, or in the alternative perhaps your rules do not apply to the chief financial officer and auditor of our fair city.

You should have gaveled that behavior immediately! As chairman I think you and Mr. Dello Russo owe Alderman Medeiros an apology. You allowed her to be attacked for her "decorous behavior" when she was simply doing what all of you on this board consistently fail to do which is ask tough questions and demand answers.

Alderman Medeiros I am so very sorry that you had to suffer through that outrageous, arrogant and juvenile rant at the hands of Mr. DelloRusso, however; the good news is that his boorish behavior had been memorialized for all to see as well as the inactions of the chair.

I and others have serious questions about the Auditor’s job performance. At this point the public is not satisfied with the smoke and mirrors presentation of our City’s CFO. He never answered the questions the public asked and none of you followed up with anything meaningful except to ask Mr. DelloRusso MWRA questions that would "educate" the public at large or in Alderman Mcateer Margolis’ words the "johnny come lately's" of the public. If you think for one minute that the taxpaying public cannot see through this board's spoon fed questions dripping with condescension towards the members of the public who took the time to be present, some with physical hardships, you are sadly mistaken. 

Alderman Conn, I would like a copy of all the materials that were submitted to the board last night by Mr. DelloRusso and Chief Lyle. Please advise if I need to submit a formal records request. I think this board should demand an independent audit of the auditor’s office and not from a firm that Mr. DelloRusso has previously been associated with. It’s a shame that I have to add that caveat.

Patricia Wright
Norris Court


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