POLL: Tighter Penalties for Repeat Drunk Drivers?

Make your opinion known by taking our poll.

Sen. Katherine Clark, D-Melrose, is leading the effort in the Senate to close a loophole that allows some repeat drunk drivers to keep their licenses, according to NECN.com. She and others, like Attorney General Martha Coakley, want to amend Melanie's Law to convict people who refuse to take a breath test when pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. 

In that case, a drunk driver would have his or her license suspended for either 18 months, three years, five years or forever, according to prior convictions, the report said. 

Read the whole report here.

With that news in mind, tell us what you think about the proposed amendment to the law by taking our poll and elaborating on your choice in the comments section. 

Read a recap of the poll results next Tuesday at 3 p.m. 


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