When Will The Dog Park Open in Melrose?

The Park Commission approved the creation of a dog park at the East Knoll next to Ell Pond.

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This week, Tina asked on our Facebook Page, "Any inside information on the possibility of a dog park?"

Last Monday, the Park Commission approved a dog park at , adjacent to Ell Pond. You can see the location in the attached photo, provided by Greg Penta and Ellen Steward of the Melrose Dog Society, which formed three years ago to advocate for an off-leash park somewhere in the city.

In a note sent to the group's members last week, Melrose Dog Society President Penta said that the final design will be tweaked in the coming weeks, establishing the exact size and layout.

Proposed hours and rules haven't been established yet—the Dog Society will go back to the Park Commission in early May to hash those out.

Also, the Melrose Board of Aldermen will need to amend the city's leash ordinance to allow off-leash use in the park. Three years ago, the aldermen told the group that if they found a location, they'd change the ordinance. Penta said in his note that the group hopes to go before the aldermen in May.

"After the final approvals, we hope to start construction this spring or early summer," Penta wrote.

In his press conference on the fiscal 2013 budget,

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David Feldman April 16, 2012 at 04:24 PM
Thanks Daniel. I currently take my dog over to the field next to the old Beebe school. Nice to have her off-leash but would prefer an enclosed space where we could meet other owners and have some accountability of the premises. Any idea on whether the city would be open to a public/private relationship? We ran a private park in the South End in Boston, based off donations, on land donated from the city. Given the activity of the MDS, it'd be interesting to see if the town would be open to something like that.
Erin April 17, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Hi Dave, this is designed to be a fully enclosed space, with double airlocks. not "green dog shared off leash park", a true dog park! Erin Dorr, MDS
Mike April 17, 2012 at 12:47 PM
and they're saying this will be open by mid may, correct?
Katherine kennedy May 16, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Where are dog park users supposed to park at the Knoll? Yesterday, I drove there at 1pm to check out the approved location and there was only one vacant space. Is the dog park going to be closed while school is in session? Are a certain number of parking spaces going to be set aside for the dog park? Is parking on Lynne Fells Parkway allowed?


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