When Is The Last Day of School For Melrose Public Schools?

Find out when the last day of school is for Melrose Public Schools.

For our latest a reader wanted to know this: When is the last day of school for Melrose Public Schools?

We contacted the superintendent's office to find out the answer.

After having three no-school days, the last day of school was pushed back to June 18, according to the superintendent's office. However, with winter not over yet there is a possibility the date could be changed should more school days be canceled.

Meanwhile, the Melrose High School graduation is slated for May 31, according to the superintendent's office.

Mark Ouellette February 22, 2013 at 01:49 PM
Hi Samantha, We contacted the superintendent's office Thursday to get the updated last day of school date and we were told it was June 18 because there have been three no-school days this year.


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