Whiz Kids: The Golden Ratios

The middle-school team recently competed in the MIT Science Trivia Challenge as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

Melrose Patch Whiz Kids of the Week: The Golden Ratios

  • Nate Shu (captain)
  • Greg Hirsch, 
  • Jacob Russett, 
  • Chris Schwarze
  • Garrett Collins

(Submitted by Evan H. Shu) 

  • School: Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School
  • Accomplishment: They were the Youth Silver Division Finalists in the MIT Science Trivia Challenge, which took place during the Cambridge Science Festival. 
  • How they did it: A team of seventh graders from the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School took on 15 other youth teams (up through high school in age) in the MIT Science Trivia Challenge. The Golden Ratios did extremely well, scoring 63 points (out of a possible 80) in the Youth Silver Division Final and narrowly missing out on a prize to dine with a Noble Laureate.

    Moderated by acclaimed MIT Professor of Physics Walter Lewin, the teams had to answer such tasks as a) giving the order the planets of the solar system from smallest to largest, b) naming which two elements are most present in the human body after oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, and c) being able to identify six famous scientists by only a glimpse of their facial hair!

    The Golden Ratios of MVMMS did themselves proud by scoring better than many older age youths as well as most of the adults in the audience that tried to play along. Congratulations to the Golden Ratios, Whiz Kids of the Week!

We need nominations!

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