Injured Swan Rescued From Ell Pond in Melrose

The Animal Rescue League of Boston helped a swan with a fishing lure stuck in its foot Tuesday afternoon at Ell Pond Park in Melrose.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston helped an injured swan Tuesday afternoon at in Melrose, according to a rescue technician.

Around noon, the Animal Rescue League received a call from a concerned citizen about a swan entangled in fishing line at Ell Pond, according to senior rescue technician Danielle Genter.

"When I first arrived, I could not find the injured swan but did see the other (three) members of its family," Genter said. "Diane Kurkjian, the canine control officer for Melrose, saw my vehicle and came over to assist. We found the young swan all alone on the banks of the pond near West Emerson Street." 

Genter said she distracted the swan with some crackers and gently captured it using her hands. She then carried the swan to a grassy area where Kurkjian was waiting.

"By this time the rest of the family had arrived and one of the adults was hissing at me in an effort to protect the young swan," Genter said. "The hook was triple pronged and went through the webbing on the foot in (three) different places. Diane and I carefully removed the hook by cutting off the barbed ends with wire cutters and then gently pulling the hook out.

"The swan seemed a bit unsteady on (its) feet so I brought (it) back to our Boston shelter to be seen by our vet. None of the injuries inflicted by the hook look infected but (it) appears a bit weak so we will hold (it) here overnight and if (it) still appears weak (Wednesday) we will take (it) to a wildlife rehabilitator for continued care."

Serge Angeric September 12, 2012 at 01:51 PM
As one who has followed them very closely (I made a DVD titled Rose, Mel and their 7 cygnets) I am saddened to see how difficult this year has been for the brood. This year out of the 9 eggs, 8 were born, 7 survived at first but we are now down to only 2 cygnets. Tough life out there for these creatures in the wild. Serge Angeric
Steve Gyurina September 12, 2012 at 07:02 PM
Yes, these are beautiful birds, and it is sad that one was hurt, but our love for these birds needs to be tempered quite a bit. Mute swans are an invasive species from Europe that are considered an environmental problem because of their explosive population growth and their negative impacts on the environment - so much so that culling programs are now underway. Why? Their long necks allow them to reach way down to the bottom of ponds and pull up aquatic plants by their roots - something native waterfowl can't do. These plants are essential for other creatures, and important for the health of ponds. Mute swans are also aggressive. Other waterfowl won’t nest on a pond where they are present. They can also be aggressive to people. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/04/killer-swan-blamed-for-mans-drowning/ "An angry swan is being blamed for knocking a man out of his kayak in a Chicago pond and then continuing to attack until the man drowned. Anthony Hensley, 37, of Villa Park, Ill., worked for a company called Knox Swan & Dog which used swans and dogs to keep geese off the condominium’s properties." - April 12th, 2012. ABC News.com So yes, it is sad that the cygnet was hurt, but we need to remember the other creatures impacted by these birds, their negative ecological impacts and their potentially dangerous nature. Steve Gyurina
Julie Trickett September 19, 2012 at 03:20 PM
Thank you for posting this. I also love those Swans I have been following them for 3 years now. I was so worried when I heard another one was missing. Thank you again for caring.... I here what you say! Hey we are taking away their homes! I know it was very sad when that man died and no it shouldn't have happened, but he was near a nest I heard and if he knows anything about Swans he should have known better.
Julie Trickett September 19, 2012 at 03:21 PM
I would love to get a copy of the DVD are you selling them?
Julie Trickett September 19, 2012 at 03:22 PM
I agree with you I have seen more trash and fishing lines in Ell pond. Why are they allowed to fish there anyway. I wouldn't eat those fish....


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